hae_logo_color_man_smWe want inside your head. Healthy Alter Ego’s mission is to help you orchestrate healthy, sustainable change through small, realistic and sometimes humorous channels. We seek to educate and inspire you on the comprehensive wellness topics that are essential to a healthy body, productive mind and energetic spirit. We will sort through the clutter to bring you the best of western advancements, the wisdom of ancient practices and the common sense of whole food nutrition.



Our goal is the frank pursuit of truth as it pertains to health, wellness & vitality.  It is our belief that everyone has a healthy alter ego living within them that longs to be lean, fit and full of energy. We all want to sleep soundly and awaken refreshed with an insatiable appetite for life.  We want our minds to be clear, sharp and agile. Unfortunately our healthy alter ego often suffers at the hands of an overbearing schedule of responsibilities.   It is our mission to weave a healthy lifestyle into your busy schedule.

Our opportunity is to help fill the gaps and build a bridge to best practices. Those wishing to make the best health choices oftentimes find a lack of cohesion and agreement between traditional medical professionals, natural health practitioners, government agencies, food manufacturers and media reports. When ‘the information age’ feels more like ‘information overload’ we are here to simplify the chaos and positively impact your healthy alter ego.

Our strategy is to help you take back the control of your health and enjoy the process. That doesn’t mean you need to tear down the house and start from scratch. You can adopt small changes in attitude and attention and forge new paths to better living, health and vitality. We’ll support those efforts with informative articles, timely blog posts, video uploads and occasional conferences.

We explore the scientific literature looking for the truth about our world and we break it down into bite size pieces that are easy to understand and implement.  We get a thrill debunking the myths. We flip over new discoveries. And we go into an all out happy dance when we learn we have enhanced your life. Oh, by the way, who says science has to be boring and stuffy?  It can be fun and exciting and enjoyable and most importantly empowering. 

We know that to be truly healthy it’s more than counting calories or measuring time on a treadmill.  It’s about living in the moment, and connecting your mind to your body.  Emotional health affects your physical health much more than your physical health affects your emotional health. Detoxification of the body is necessary.  Detoxification of the mind. . . critical.  The quality of your food, water, sleep, relationships, exercise, and attitude all play equal parts.  Managing stress, toxins, medications, supplements, and thoughts are key ingredients.

We believe prevention is far more effective and certainly cheaper than active treatment.  Healthy habits are more powerful than any drug.  The choices you make 100 times a day decide the quality of your existence, the depth of your laughter, and the stillness of your serenity.  You possess the power to change your life. The question is; who and what are you giving your power to?  Actively choose to feed that power to your own healthy alter ego because with knowledge & passion all things are possible.

Let us inside your head. We are your healthy alter ego.

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