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Get Rid of Unwanted Belly Fat in the New Year!

January 18, 2013
Get Rid of Unwanted Belly Fat in the New Year!

So maybe you have been doing the right things…you have been eating more fruits and vegetables, you have cut out the sweets and the bread, and you have even been drinking more water, but you still have extra weight around your middle.  What are you missing?  Why won’t doesn’t your waist ever shrink?  You keep trying to play by the rules yet you aren’t getting results.  Arrrgh!  It is... [Read more]

Look Mommy! It’s the Vegetable Truck!

September 23, 2012
Look Mommy!  It’s the Vegetable Truck!

Those are words that make a mother smile.  I have spent the past several years wondering how I would ever get my daughter to eat vegetables.  I know that many parents have the same concerns.  Baby food is easy.  Infants seem quite pleased to slurp green bean puree from little spoons.  Then we move to table foods and often all is lost.  I think that part of the issue is that we are influenced... [Read more]

Your DNA is not Your Destiny!

June 4, 2012
Your DNA is not Your Destiny!

How many times have you heard someone grumble about their health while laying most of the blame on their genes?  Unfortunately, many people go through life resigning themselves to health problems that other family members have had, such as diabetes and cancer.  I have had many patients in my office over the years telling me it is all their parents’ fault.  But, wait a minute, research is showing... [Read more]

Is Your Immune System Confused? A Look at GMO Foods

August 28, 2011
Is Your Immune System Confused?  A Look at GMO Foods

  Most people have heard the reports that food allergies are on the rise in recent years.  One thing that may be playing role in this is genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Since 1996, Americans have been eating genetically modified ingredients in most processed foods. The main foods affected are corn, soybeans, canola, sugar beets, Hawaiian papaya, and small amounts of zucchini and yellow... [Read more]

Why it is Weird for Adults to Drink Milk?

June 20, 2011
Why it is Weird for Adults to Drink Milk?

No other mammal drinks milk past childhood, let alone, drinks the milk of another species. Dr. Mark Hyman who is a pioneer in the field of Functional Medicine is always saying that milk is great...if you are a baby cow. Last time I checked, I was not a calf. In previous posts Dr. Huber has listed many reasons why we should consider avoiding milk [Is Milk Good for Kids (or anyone else)]. I have researched... [Read more]

Will Vegetables Be on the Endangered Species List?

May 28, 2011
Will Vegetables Be on the Endangered Species List?

Have you ever eaten an antique?  I’m not talking about trying to gnaw the armrest of your great-grandmother’s rocking chair. I am talking about heirloom vegetables. If you haven’t sought these out, you are really missing out. Heirloom vegetables are grown from seeds that have been saved and grown for many generations.  These plants are open-pollinated which allows for natural selection.... [Read more]

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