Q. My friend says that buying organic bananas is a waste. Is this true?

Pretty much. The reason to buy organic is to avoid the pesticides and herbicides that are toxic to you.  But there is a, now famous, list of 47 fruits and vegetable and their toxic pesticide content. This list was compiled by the Environmental Working Group, a non-profit organization whose mission is to educate the public about the toxins in our environment. Buying organic will increase your health but it will also increase your grocery bill. If you find yourself needing to stretch that dollar of yours than you will certainly be looking for ways to cut corners in your family budget. One way to do that and not risk your health is to buy the NON-organic variety of vegetables and fruits that appear on the bottom of EWG’s Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides list.

If you were to always eat organic varieties of the top 12 most toxic vegetables, but allow yourself the financial break of buying non-organic varieties of the least toxic fruits and vegetables, you could still cut your toxin intake by 90%. So to answer your question, yes you can buy the non-organic bananas without risk of significant toxin load. Apples on the other hand are the opposite story. Apples are one of the most toxic fruits available and should always be purchased organic. Apples have between 4 to 6 known toxins with proven neurological health hazards and have even caused death among farm workers. That sweet innocent apple is a time bomb for your kids if you do not spend the extra nickel for an organic version. Empower yourself with these resources:

Wallet Guide – for a quick reference to the Dirty Dozen & the Clean 15

Full List -  of the 47 fruits and vegetables tested listed in order of the highest pesticide load (peaches) to the least (onions).


9 Responses to “Q. My friend says that buying organic bananas is a waste. Is this true?”
  1. Sandra says:

    What can you wash the fruit with to get pesticides off.
    Where I live its hard to find alot of organic.-Sandra

    • Dr. Gary Huber says:

      Hi Sandra. Try purchasing some “sea salt” from your local grocer or health food store. Try to find a fine grain as opposed to chunks so it will dissolve in water faster. Prepare a sink or container with luke warm water and mix in salt until it dissolves – typically one to two tablespoons depending on how high you fill your sink. Rinse your produce as usual then soak your fruits and veggies in the sea salt solution for at least 2 minutes. Be sure to rinse them again thoroughly to remove the salt. If the produce has a hard rind, it’s a great idea to use a vegetable brush after the soak. Hope that helps.
      Dr. Huber

  2. Tami Boehmer says:

    This is very useful information. I’ll keep the list handy and share it on my blog, http://www.miraclesurvivors.com. Cancer survivors who are interested in hope and a holistic persepective might find the site helpful.

  3. Geri says:

    Of course washing the apples will help if that’s your only option. But please don’t think that the inside of the apple is unaffected by the pesticides in the soil! Go the extra mile if you can!

  4. The Organic Banana says:


    … The Organic Banana is far more delicious, not like your ordinary banana from Havana.


    • Gourmaid says:

      I totally agree. Organic bananas are better in taste and texture. Chiquita organic bananas taste better than Dole’s.

  5. Joolz says:

    Please, please only buy organic bananas!!!
    They are much more harmful than the EWG suggest. Please read the reason why here, and only buy organic ones in the future!!

  6. Richard L says:

    Why are we having this debate if dole fruit is taster then Chiquita organic bananas? The real issue here is why does our government allow foreign companies to import toxic food to its people anyway, are we stupid as a nation of people that keeps eating and dying at the claws of corporations profit interests? They join the long list of companies that I do not do business with. I just say no to drugs and (toxic chemicals)

  7. mark plunkett says:

    I am an organic farmer. I get so frustrated with people who eat organic because they are scared of the pesticides in conventional produce. I live in the belly of the conventional beast I see the fields in my neighborhood being sprayed and I know the results. The reason to buy organic is because of what is in it, not what isn’t in it. Conventional fertilization kills the life in the soil. Most of the nutrients plants need to be healthy come from the life (microbes) in the soil.

    If you want food that tastes good and has nutrition you aren’t buying chemically fed crops.
    If you want farms that make the environment healthier rather than less healthy same thing.

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