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health | wellness 

Q. Do you recommend detoxification, and if so what type?

Q. What’s better for weight loss:  high fiber or high protein?

Q. Is soy safe for kids?

Q. Is it safe to put a few drops of 3% hydrogen peroxide in your ear to stop an ear ache?

Q. Is it safe to use baking soda regularly to counteract an acidic pH?

Q. Can you recommend a pediatrician who supports your views and some guidance on vitamins for kids?

Q. If I have thinning eyebrows as a symptom, how do I know if I have a thyroid problem?

Q. What do you recommend to help prevent ear infections?

Q. What can help my 5-year-old from a disorder that causes her to pull her hair out?

Q. What do you think of Gardasil (HPV vaccine) for boys?

Q. Will HgH help me lose weight? Do doctors prescribe it?

Q. Can leaky gut, gluten and milk allergies cause arthritis?

Q. What treatment do you recommend for a newly diagnosed herniated C-6 disc?

Q. Do you have any good tips for trigeminal neuralgia?

Q. Is there fluoride in birth control pills?

Q. Do you have any suggestions for the treatment of acne?

Q. What’s your opinion of insurers switching from brand name to generic drugs?

Q. What are your thoughts on the Swine Flu vaccine for pregnant women?

Q. What is more important to omit from your diet in relation to breast cancer and cancer in general: dairy or meat or both?

Q. How should I fight H1N1 / Swine Flu?

Q. Does Tamiflu do any good or is it just another pharmaceutical get rich scheme?

Q. How do I get rid of an eyelid twitch?

Q. Do “bacterial” wipes help fight the flu “virus”?

Q. What are the risks vs. benefits of Zoloft use in a teenager?

Q. Do you think we need a change in the way doctors are compensated?

Q. How safe is coffee that’s made in a coffee maker with multiple plastic parts?

Q. Can they make the flu vaccine mandatory in Ohio schools?

Q. What is the right proportion of eating right vs. working out? I’ve heard that staying healthy and fit involves 75% healthy diet and 25% exercise? Is this correct?

Q. If you have a hiatal hernia is it unusual for that spot to hurt and feel tender to the touch?

vitamins | supplements

Q. What do you think of the multivitamin from Thorne?

Q. Will I absorb calcium if I don’t take vitamin D?

Q. How much and what kind of vitamin D do I need to increase my levels from 31?

Q. Where do I buy Andrographis Paniculata to help fight flu?

Q. For fighting breast cancer, is there any problem taking DIM along with Arimidex?

Q. Is there a natural food/supplement that will help reduce blood pressure?

Q. Can you name a few brands of vitamins you trust?

Q. I eat very well, do I still need supplements?

Q. Ever heard of taking oil of oregano to treat psoriasis?

Q. Can taking too many supplements at once counteract or cancel each other out?

Q. There are so many different types of Omega 3 fish oils, what’s a good option if you’re not a pill popper?

Q. What is your advice on Probiotic supplements? For example: Culturelle products for adults and kids?

food | diet | nutrition 

Q. Is V8 good for your health?

Q. Will I get a lot of headaches if I quit drinking soda cold-turkey?

Q. What is a good product to wash the pesticides off fruits and vegetables?

Q. What alternatives do you suggest to doctor-recommended whole milk for kids?

Q. Why isn’t milk a good source of calcium?

Q. What are your thoughts on a raw food diet?

Q. Aren’t sea salt and regular table salt simply the same thing?

Q. What is the advantage of drinking soy milk over organic milk?

Q. What’s the deal with Agave Nectar – sap or high fructose corn syrup?

Q. Does organic milk avoid the problems you mentioned about cow’s milk?

Q. What’s the difference between grass-fed and grain-fed beef?

Q. My friend says that buying organic bananas is a waste, is this true?

Q. I just can’t give up sweetners…Is there an alternative that you would suggest?

Q. Is all soy milk the same? What about others like rice and almond?

Q. What do you know about goji berries?

Q. I have had a glass of milk with dinner my entire life.  I am trying to accept that I should find an alternative, what do you suggest, particularly to drink with a spicy dish?

Q. Does the sweetener stevia cause your insulin levels to spike?  What effect does it have on immunity?

Q.  You talk about the dangers of the composition of cow’s milk. What about goat’s milk?

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