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Brain Health Is Destroyed By Wheat & Grains

Brain Health Is Destroyed By Wheat & Grains

Dr. David Perlmutter is a neurologist and nutritionist. That’s a rare combination. He has studied the affects of the typical American diet on the brain. He reports that in a recent study, 31% of people stated they fear Alzheimers more than they fear cancer. He goes on to report that “bread” is the primary culprit in the cause of brain disease. His book is entitled “Grain Brain” and if you like Panera then you will not like what he has to say. But like it or not, the claims are backed by science (tons of medical studies listed) and I have laid witness to this in my own patients for years. Grains of any kind are unkind to our bodies. Save your arguments that grains have been consumed for centuries because the grains you are presently eating were not even an option 60 to 70 years ago.

Grains represent the primary food consumed in America, over 20% of all of our calories, and we ingest about 130 pounds of wheat per year. That’s more than 1/3rd of a pound per day. Do you know how many bagels, muffins, waffles and slices of bread it takes to equal 1/3 of a pound? Grains lead to diabetes and diabetes will double your risk for Alzheimers.

A study from 2012, in the Archives of Internal Medicine reported that postmenopausal women placed on a statin drug for cholesterol control lead to a 48% increased risk of developing diabetes and diabetes doubles your risk for Alzheimers. If you saw my post from yesterday it discussed that cholesterol is NOT the cause of heart disease . . . inflammation is the cause and grains cause inflammation. Inflammation damages the blood vessels leading us to vascular problems like stroke and heart attacks.

Here is a short quiz that Dr. Perlmutter offers to evaluate your risk for brain disease. By the way, the list of brain diseases include headaches, seizures, stroke, dementia, ADD, anxiety, depression, insomnia, memory and cognition issues and even Tourettes.

Here is the list of questions to ask yourself as you assess your brain health (be forewarned that any “Yes” response is correlated with increased risk):

  1. I eat bread (of any kind)
  2. I drink fruit juice
  3. I have more than one serving of fruit per day
  4. I choose agave over sugar
  5. I get out of breath on my daily walk
  6. My cholesterol is below 150
  7. I have diabetes
  8. I am overweight
  9. I eat rice or pasta (any kind)
  10. I drink milk
  11. I don’t exercise regularly
  12. Neurological conditions run in my family
  13. I don’t take vitamin D supplements
  14. I eat a low fat diet
  15. I take a statin
  16. I avoid high-cholesterol foods
  17. I don’t drink wine
  18. I drink beer
  19. I eat cereal of any kind

 If you scored more than 10 “yes” responses then you are placing yourself in the cross hairs of brain risk. Even a single yes incurs some risk. With each corresponding affirmative response you climb your way into the Alzheimers ward with poor sleep and headaches along the way. Oh what joy.

 Here’s the good news – it’s under your control !!! You get to choose and your lifestyle responses will take you far away from this risk. No drugs, no surgery, no IV’s, and no pesky rectal exams – just good decisions to eat good foods and exercise. The list of daily activities to ensure good health is quite simple:

  1. Eat whole organic food
  2. Drink filtered water
  3. Avoid excess alcohol or coffee. (a little is OK . . . I mean come on, be real)
  4. Sweat. Yes just simply sweat. Run or lift or wiggle but make your body move to the point of sweating. Yes, even nighttime sweat (wink wink) is a good thing.
  5. Good dental hygiene is important for healthy blood vessels. Inflammation is inflammation so don’t let your gums go bad.
  6. Get good sleep. 7+ hours of blissful UNINTERUPTED sleep. If you can’t accomplish this one on your own then seek good help. I’m available.

 If you want a good jolt of reality then read Dr. Perlmutters book “Grain Brain”. Grains are great for our American economy but deadly to our American health. Yes, this means ALL grains. Sorry to bust your bubble. Now where is that farmers market with the fresh veggies?

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